30 min Chakra Clearing Session (remotely or via Skype)

 20 May
 Your Own Home
  - - -
 Katrina Holdsworth
Our chakras are energy centres that allow us to process energy from the world around us and from Source. It is through our chakras we are able to communicate with the world and with each other. Each chakra represents a different type of energy and strong, vibrant chakras will really assist you in your daily life and your spiritual practices. Often we get blockages or stagnant energy that blocks the flow of energy through our chakras. This can manifest in different ways such as illness, emotional symptoms, fears, etc. For example a blockage of energy in our throat chakra may prevent us from feeling able to express ourselves truthfully to the world around us. This may manifest as throat illness or simple a reluctance to voice our opinions, perhaps even finding ourselves saying what we think people want to hear. This is for a 30 minute Chakra Clearing Session for the 7 main chakras: Base: red Sacral: orange Solar Plexus: yellow Heart: green Throat: blue Third Eye: indigo Crown: violet This can either be scheduled individually with me via skype or sent remotely (you will receive a recording of the session) or you can join us at the group event from your own home at 9.30am on Wed 20th May. Again you will also receive a recording of the Chakra Clearing session afterwards so you can re-receive it at your own convenience as often as you like to receive further healing of your chakras. The cost for this session is £10 and can be made via my website using the donate button: http://katrina-holdsworth.wix.com/i-am-awakening If you have any questions please contact me. Love, Katrina.

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