3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

 15 May
 University Of Redlands Currier Gymnasium
  - 92374 - Redlands - United States
 R Nights
Rules of the tournament are: -3 players against 3 players -Which ever team scores 11 points first, is the winner. However the team must win by 2 but with a cap at 15, if a team reaches 15 and the other team has 14, the team with 15 still wins. -All shots made within inside the 3-point line is worth 1 point, outside the 3-point line is worth 2 points. -Rock paper, scissors will determine who starts with possession. Back and forth possession will be used during the game; meaning if one team scores, the other team gets the ball. -If you fouled someone, call it. If someone fouled you, call it. Check the ball up top when a foul occurs. Use the Honor System. -To start each possession, stand outside the 3-point line and pass the ball to a member of the opposite team. When they are ready, they toss the ball pack. This is called "checking" the ball. The ball is then in play and the other team is not require to pass after it is checked. -Both teams report your score to the Fairmont staff. -Whether the tournament is double or single elimination will be determined by the number of teams that enter.

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