3 Day Body Class in Christchurch NZ

 06 June
 Private Residence Christchurch
  - - -
 Dr. Lisa Cooney
This class is an invitation to acknowledge that you have a body and that the consciousness of your body is a playground of possibility. We will explore the contribution that your body can be to your life, your money, the Earth and to consciousness – rather than a prison of depression, victimization, and fear. What if the key to change was simply changing how you commune with your body? What if there was a language between you and your body you never knew existed? Are you ready to totally awaken into the playground of consciousness you and your body truly be? Will you start to allow yourself to receive the GIFT your body is for YOU? What could that be like? Is there something your body is willing to show you? Are you listening to the whispers? When you start to change the way you relate to your body, you start to change how you relate to everything in your life. How does it get any better than that? tinyurl.com/3DayBodyClass

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