2nd Russian Acro Holy Days with Lux (Seattle Acro)

 12 June
 Moscow, Russia
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 Yaroslav Tua
12 - 13 - 14 June 2015 Second Russian Acro Holy Days «Once in Acro, in Acro forever!» //описание на русском - http://vk.com/russian_acro *** Event Description *** An epic event for the Russian Acrocommunity. Huge gathering of the best practitioners all over the country and abroad 3-day immersion into the acroyoga reality featuring one of the world best mentors and guided by the solid crew of Russian teachers. Two batches: beginners and intermediate-advanced. Great platform to learn, explore, share and transform. On the program At least 18 hours of AcroYoga and acrobatics. Open classes: Yoga, Meditation, Thai Massage, Dance Open stages: shows, jams, performances Russian sauna and spa for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. *** Venue *** 3-day escape from the big city life. One of the best retreat centers in the Moscow countryside. Ecological area with woods, ponds and sandy beach. Accommodation for any budget: from tents to luxurious apartments. 3 meals a day (buffet). Well-developed infrastructure. Great spa complex etc. AcroYoga RockStar - Lux Seattle Acro Seattle Acro Boss. Motor of the world leading projects: AcroGasm, AcroVersity, Acropedia. With over 14 years of partner acrobatics experience Lux is the World top-listed inventor in acrobatics and acroyoga. Like Nina Star the most popular spin today he has developed dozens and dozens crazy of tricks and elements. His Master Sessions change one’s practice forever. Practitioners are challenged breaking through current limits of range-of-balance, and proprioceptive acuity exploring Gravity, Inertia and Weight Distribution. Great sense of humor and a deep understanding how to make the seemingly impossible attainable for dedicated practitioners *** The Russian Crew *** Epic Russian Crew: Andrey Plis (Moscow) One of the leaders of the Moscow AcroFamily. Thai Massage and Yoga teacher, traveler, mountain climber, free rider and life connoisseur Darya Kalinkina (Novosibirsk) One of the Siberian AcroFamily leaders. Certified Ishvara Yoga teacher, Thai Massage and women special massage techniques Master and instructor, Teaches across Siberia and Russian regions. Dmitriy Shteynikov (Saint Petersburg) One of the Spb Acro Community leaders. Dedicated to all types of acrobatics and painting Gorgeous Maria (Moscow) One of the Moscow AcroFamily leaders. Heading the projects of ‘Be-in-Acroyoga’ art-groups, choreographing Acro and dance performances Maria also teaches workshops in the central Russian region. Uliana Sotnikova (Russia) Certified AYI teacher, the head of the ‘Flight School’ Uliana teaches across the country and abroad. Works for the ‘Office’ circus project by Vyacheslav Polunin. Emilia Stanevichute (Moscow) One of the Moscow AcroFamily leaders. Certified AYI teacher, Martial Artist and Thai Massage master. Hosts workshops and takes part in various festivals. Yaroslav Tua (Moscow) One of the Moscow AcroFamily leaders. Certified AYI teacher. Acrobatic Flying Explorer. Teaches actively both in Russia and Europe. . *** Registration and fees *** Starting from 7600 rub (less than 150$!!!) including accommodation and meals mosacro@gmail.com +7 (963) 781 79 54 www.acroyoga.moscow vk.com/mosacro facebook.com/mosacro

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