2nd Monthly DuBois Cosplay Town Takeover

 29 May
 Du Bois, PA, United States
  - 15801 - -
 DuBois Cosplay Town Take Over
If you are planning to attend but cannot make it at the designated start time (TBA for each day), you can join in at any time! (There will be a route map, eventually) Any questions, please contact the event hosts: Victoria & Andrew of Victoria Lynn Photography & Wisor Editing. Also known as "Ansor & Lynsor Kato" GENERAL RULES: 1. No alcohol. 2. Be respectful to each other, property, etc. 3. You are responsible for yourself and your guests. 4. Anyone under the age of 16 must have an adult with them at all times who is responsible for them and their behavior. CAMERAS/PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY Please feel free to come and take photos. However, ASK PERMISSION if you take photos of anyone. If you do, out of courtesy, please tell that person where they can see that photo. DRESS CODE: Please keep cosplays family friendly as there will be children in DuBois. SIGNS AND PROPS: 1. Only pertaining to your cosplay. 2. No foul/offensive photos or wording. 3. Only those which you plan to carry. 4. No weapons that can shoot a projectile or has moving parts will not be permitted. Prohibited examples include, but are not limited to: Water guns/pistols/rifles/blasters, BB/Pellet guns, Crossbows, dart guns, or blow guns. Live steel; Live steel is defined as any object made of metal that is capable of taking an edge, whether or not the object is actually sharp, and whether or not the object is sheathed. Nunchaku, explosives or chemicals of any kind, Handcuffs, Airsoft guns, Paddles. Once again, you will be responsible for yourself and your guests. If you do not follow the rules, no one is responsible but you and your guests for your behavior.

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