2nd crossOver weekend with Lucas Molina Gazcon and Judit Somos

 30 May
  bilderdijkpark 12a 1052 SC Amsterdam and Scheveningseveer 21, 2514 HB The Hague
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 Vanessa Fatauros
Saturday 30 May & Sunday 31 May ¡Workshops+guided práctica+Milonga Dominguera+Show! ¡Special guest: Lucas Molina Gazcon and Judit Somos! ♫ Saturday - crossOver workshops & guided práctica with Lucas Molina Gazcon & Judit Somos and Damián Rosenthal & Vanessa Fatauros in Amsterdam. ♫ Sunday - special workshops with Lucas Molina Gazcon & Judit Somos in The Hague. ♫ Sunday - Milonga Dominguera following the workshops. DJ Jorge Fatauros and SHOW with Lucas Molina Gazcon & Judit Somos and Damián Rosenthal & Vanessa Fatauros☺ ( in The Hague) For pricing and packages email: vanessafataurostango@gmail.com Saturday 30 May: Amsterdam. crossOver workshops with maestros:Lucas Molina Gazcon & Judit Somos and Damián Rosenthal & Vanessa Fatauros -First workshop: 13:00-14:30 In this workshop, we will be studying individual technical mechanisms of tango (like structure, body weight, disassociation, posture, rhythmic structure, melodic phrases, embraces) to deepen the understanding of how this dance works. -Second workshop: 14:45-16:15 In this workshop, we will be practically applying theory and technique mentioned above, using a sequence of tango elements (like sacadas, boleos, ganchos, barridas, shared and out of axes movements and walking) to broaden the understanding of how this dance works. -Guided práctica: 16:30-18:00 The idea is to practice not only what has been covered during the workshops, but to also research and develop your own dance: explore and try different variations and freely exchange ideas between each other. During this práctica the teachers are available to answer questions. Location: Bilderdijkpark 12a, 1052SC Amsterdam Sunday 31 May: The Hague. Special workshops with maestros: Lucas Molina Gazcon & Judit Somos. -First workshop: 16:00-17:15. Giro con sacadas(Turn with sacadas) -Second workshop: 17.30-18:45 Combinations with the energy of the turn Judit, born in Budapest, was trained in a country where tango has just appeared, in a continent conquered by this dance but still far from its origins. Driven by her passion for the dance, she has been visiting Buenos Aires over and over again. While living there, she learnt the language as a side effect of the constant improvement of her dancing skills. Lucas, son of a family of artists and dancers, started to dance at the age of 12 with his sister Monica Molina Gazcon in Buenos Aires. He was trained by the most renowned masters and he won numerous competitions. He was invited to Europe, the U.S. and China, performed in some of the most famous tango movies, like 'Evita', 'The Tango Lesson' or Carlos Saura's 'Tango'. Judit, in the meantime in Budapest, got opportunities to perform at such prominent venues as the National Dance Theatre or the Opera House. She founded her own school, and has been touring around Europe for a couple of years. Lucas has been working with partners like Ariadna Naveira, Soledad Larretapia, Vanessa Fatauros, Natalia Cristobal, Cecilia Piccini, Melina Sol Greco, performed in C.I.T.A, Buenos Aires, and was invited to various festivals in Europe. 2014 was the year when Lucas and Judit finally met and had their first but definitely not last dance together in Buenos Aires. By that year he had 22 years experience in tango and Judit had been dancing for 14 years. After a little while they decided to work together to transmit the spirit and knowledge accumulated by the vibrant energy born between them. From 2014 they will pass on all the experience they lived through individually and what they’ve transformed into a whole new universe by connecting their expertise and passion for Argentine tango. In the close future they are going to spend six months in Argentina and six months in Europe every year. -Followind the workshops: ♫ Milonga Dominguera starts at 19:00 until 00:30 ♫ With DJ Jorge Fatauros ♫ and SHOW with Lucas Molina Gazcon & Judit Somos and Damián Rosenthal & Vanessa Fatauros ☺!! Location: Scheveningseveer 21, 2514HB The Hague For more info or to register, please email: damianvanessatango@gmail.com http://damianrosenthalvanessafataurostango.blogspot.nl/

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