2nd Annual Invitational Carolina Grit Off-Road Challenge

 16 May
 Chapel Hill, NC, United States
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 Deb Weaver Vacca
This is your invitation to the 2nd Annual Carolina Grit Off-Road Challenge. Last year was fun; this year will be better! We hope to get as many as 50 runners to take part in either a 9-ish miler (shrimp grit), the half marathon (instant grit), and the full marathon (true grit). I kid, I kid....each one is very challenging so pick your poison! Full Marathon will begin at 7 AM. Half and 9 Milers will meet for a 9:30 am departure. Exact departure point to be determined, based on the number of runners. The run will take place in the Carolina North Trails. EVERYONE (well non jerks let's say) is welcome. We want to keep the spirit of the Grit in tact meaning this should be an inviting, low key and fun event. Run as fast as you want, but you are competing against yourself. At the same time, we want it to be festive, so if you have like-minded friends you'd like to invite, and you'd like included on future communications, please invite them and let Tom Blake know. We'd love to see a good crowd! You have 4 months to get in awesome shape or come up with a clever aka "cry baby" excuse. ;) More details will follow, along with plenty of good ole arm twisting motivation, since we have several months to plan. Future emails about this event will come from "gritchallenge@gmail.com" so Tom can keep the planning straight.

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