2nd Annual Fred Forsythe Memorial Softball Tournament

 29 May
 Luskville Ballpark
  - - -
 Patrick Forsythe
It's time for year number two! Last year's tournament was a huge success both in terms of the money raised and in the amazing times had by everyone who attended. Between raffles, entry fees and concession sales we ended up raising almost $12000! As last year was the first year the family tried running a tournament, we listened to everyone's feedback, and learned from our efforts and observations so that hopefully this year will be an even better experience! Unless we notice that there is a large outcry against this, the tournament this year will be slopitch, not three pitch. There will also be cash prizing for the winners this year instead of swag, with amounts to be determined based upon the number of entries. We're hoping for another 16 teams this year. - $350/team entry fee, guarantees 3 round-robin & 1 playoff game - A/B split to be determined based on round-robin standings - Coed slopitch (6/4) - Batting orders can start with either gender, but no more than two guys may bat in a row. That means if your batting order starts with two guys, it cannot end with a guy. At NO POINT can more than two men bat in a row. - 3x Courtesy runners per game (The same runner may be used more than once. May only run for the same gender.) - Match +1 HR rule - 5 runs/inning with the last inning being open. There will be a time constraint on games, no inning may start after 1:10 of gametime, except for the finals which will play a full 7 innings (we all know we want those games not to be decided in the 5th inning) - If you walk a man batting ahead of a woman, it's an automatic double for the man. - Bats for both games AND the derby will follow the SPN bat policy - There will be raffles, a stocked canteen serving warm food & cold beer, and the return of the ever-popular homerun derby. Teams: 1. Blacky Coyotes - Daniel-Paul Ryan 2. OddBallerz - Daniel Desjardins 3. Slow-Pitch Fever - Travis Kluke 4. Fred's Kids - Cory Danis 5. Wasted Talent - Lisa Leslie 6. AlcoBallics - Élise Jolin 7. Grass Stains - Corina Clouthier 8. Knights - Tasha Harris 9. Bats-Hit Crazies 2.0 - Matthew Inglis 10. Hurricanes - Cassandra Stephens 11. Balls N' Dolls - Troy Beaupre 12. PissTanks - Curtis Young 13. Pitches Be Crazy - Matt Battig 14. Pitches Love Me - Anna Lambert 15. Remax - Anick Boucher-Deschamps 16. Team Battalion - Matt Chapman

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