2nd Annual Bang By The Lake

 31 May
 Lake Halbert!
  - 75109 - Corsicana - United States
 Joe Swauger
BadBoys On The Street Audio Team present the 2nd Annual Bang By The Lake Show. Sponsored by Corsicana Parks & Recreation, Sub Life Brand There will be some giveaway's at the show, please keep checking the event page for updates. 3 Events, 1st place trophies, 2nd and 3rd place medals -Inch class registration $20 -Roll'n Drive-by registration $10 -Concert Showdown registration $10 Inch Class Event-Cone Size of Subwoofer/s, your choice of sealed or open-mic placed on windshield , Classes listed: 8" 10" 12" 15" 18" 2x8" 2x10" 2x12" 2x15" 2x18" 3-4 Subs no wall 5+ Subs no wall 1-2 Wall 3-4 Wall 5+ Wall Roll'n Drive-By- low speed drive by full tilt, mic placed 4ft from cones and 4-5 ft high, Classes listed: Trunk Class (all trunk vehicles) Cabin Class (hatch, suv, truck, van) Wall Class ( any walled setup, 12" from roof and less-walled) Concert Showdown- Loudness Cleanest set up chosen by crowd wins, bracket style rounds, 45 second rounds, finals 1.5 min. We're adding a special event for this show. Winners of this event will win a championship ring. The cost to register for this event is $10 but you must also register for another event to be eligible to register for this event. Event name : "To The Dome" -mic will be placed at head/dome level. 30 second music run full tilt. No TONES allowed must be music. Classes are based off your amps 4 ohm ratings. 0-600 601-1200 1201+ If you register for any event you can demo all day, if you don't register for any event and want to demo, you may purchase a demo all day pass for $5 For more information Please Contact Joe Swauger at (570)832-3297

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