29 May - 5 June Having fun in the Garden; an introduction to applied permaculture

 29 May
 Simply Permaculture
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 Sandra Santi Alderden
Introduction to applied permaculture and Self sustainability Our goal is to inspire and show you the small and big possibilities to living in a more self sustainable way using permaculture as a basis. Most of all we want to show you how much fun it is to do so!We will give an extensive tour throughout our land and explain about the projects that we’ve have put into place and why. Together we will cook locally with what we find on the land and in the veggie garden. We visit a few local farmers and taste their wonderful produce. We show you inspiring documentaries and discuss how we can integrate this in our daily lives. We’ll learn about the basics of applied permaculture and self sufficiency. We take up gardening ourselves and make a mini tea, herb and salad garden with recycled materials, make a flower spiral and insect hotel. We offer an introduction to aquaponics, a closed system where you hold fish and grow vegetables. Then go and build a small system together. Of course we will visit one of the wonderful local markets in a medieval village, enjoy camp fires at night, watch thousands of stars and take a dive in the swimming pool. It offers a great opportunity for an introduction to what permaculture is, how you can apply it in a small or larger environment and you’ll go home with lots of inspiration. You sleep in wonderful luxurious safari tents or the beautiful holiday home of Simply Permaculture, close to Bergerac. Costs are €350 in a 4-person shared accommodation €485 in a two-person shared accommodation and €599 in a 1-person accommodation including 3 meals a day and transfers, excl your trip to Simply Canvas. Costs excluding accommodation and transport €250

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