24hr Charity Gaming Marathon - 24 years in 24 hours...

 30 May
 Old Swan Youth Club, 23 Derby Lane, Liverpool
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 Sweet Shop Arcade
Original post at http://www.sweetshoparcade.com So it’s that time of year again, a time where geekyness wins the war against sanity. I’m talking of course about our annual charity gaming marathon for the volunteer-led Old Swan Youth Club in Liverpool. I will again be playing non-stop for 24 hours from 7pm on Saturday 30th May until 7pm Sunday 31st. You can as usual sponsor me for doing this, it is by no means as easy as it sounds let me tell you! But the real fun of the event is with those who get involved, so as before I will once again be playing a different person each hour. This year we thought we would do things a little differently. Instead of playing just one game for 24 hours, I will be playing 24 different games, which in turn were made over the course 24 years. The first game is on Atari 2600, made in 1977 and the last is on Sega Dreamcast, made in the year 2001. We have kept it retro and will be bringing the Millenium in all over again. It does seem like a good fit and we will be pushing the time travel theme with our coverage of the event exploring different aspects of each year, showing us moving rapidly (or not so rapidly to me) through the years as we go. So as usual each place costs a £10 donation which is paid directly to our Everyclick fundraising page at http://everyclick.com/sweetshoparcade24 (this will secure your place) We have a full list of the schedule so it’s as simple as picking the time slot featuring the game/system you fancy playing with me, and booking that in. You can do that either by emailing us at sweetshoparcade@live.co.uk , by commenting on our original article, or the best way is by clicking attend on our facebook event here and posting your request on the page. The whole £10 goes towards our overall donation to this great cause, and in addition we also have a great goody pack for each player who gets involved so please do so! We’ll as always have raffles and high-score competitions too, so if you fancy coming to the event and checking it out without playing you are free to do so! So here’s the long list of games and times, they’re all obviously multi-player games as you’ll be playing along with me. The only thing that has got me through the last two marathons is the new players coming along every hour, those who have already been will also tell you that the atmosphere of the event is great, we do have a good laugh! If your favourite game is at an ungodly hour then I apologise, but what better way to show your commitment to the cause! If you aren't familiar with games still please book in and get involved, they're all really easy to pick up and play... 7pm – Atari Video Olympics (Atari 2600) 8pm – Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo NES) 9pm – Super Off Road Racer (Nintendo NES) 10pm – WWF Steel Cage Challenge (Nintendo NES) 11pm – Bubble Bobble (Sega Master System) 12am – California Games (Sega Master System) 1am – Micro Machines (Sega Master System) 2am – Golden Axe (Sega Mega Drive) 3am – Streets of Rage (Sega Mega Drive) 4am – Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Mega Drive) 5am – WWF Royal Rumble (Sega Mega Drive) 6am – Street Fighter II (Super Nintendo) 7am – Mortal Kombat (Super Nintendo) 8am – Smash TV (Super Nintendo) 9am – ISS International Superstar Soccer (Super Nintendo) 10am – MarioKart 64 (Nintendo 64) 11am – Goldeneye (Nintendo 64) 12pm – Tekken 3 (Sony Playstation) 1pm – Fifa Road to the World Cup 98 (Sony Playstation) 2pm – Micro Machines V3 (Sony Playstation) 3pm – Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (Sony Playstation) 4pm – Virtua Tennis (Sega Dreamcast) 5pm – Sonic Adventure 2 (Sega Dreamcast) 6pm – Virtua Athlete 2k (Sega Dreamcast) <— OPEN SLOT, CANNOT BE BOOKED So there it is. This years event is looking to be bigger than ever so please support us in any way you can. Old Swan Youth Club do some amazing work with young people in their area and rely on fundraising to stay open. The workers provide a great service and don’t take a penny in wages for doing so. They believe the work they are doing needs to carry on regardless of funding cuts so please donate whatever you can to support them.

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