20th Machaneh Aviv: Pappenheim 2015 (with Ofer Alfasi)

 22 May
 Pappenheim, Germany
  - 91788 - -
 Matti Goldschmidt
Machol Germania with Ofer Alfasi:(מחול גרמניה) Please get ready for the ITH's 20th five-day seminar for Israeli Folk Dances - and the 18th fabulous year in Pappenheim (Central Frankonia, Bavaria). Remember that this not just from a proverb by the German poet Friedrich Schiller… The place Pappenheim in fact exists! Join dozens of dancers from all over Germany and neighbouring countries and let us have five days of joy and energy with Ofer Alfasi and Matti Goldschmidt, also director of this dance camp. Ofer will join the camp for the first time – as a matter of fact this will be his first appearance in Germany at all. The instruction language will be in English. For further details please see at www.israeltanz.de/pagee30.html. For the German version please see at www.israeltanz.de/pagea30.html. For a complete list of our previous Machaneh Aviv seminars please see at: www.israeltanz.de/pagea35.html (scroll a bit down!) For the dances taught at previous Machaneh Aviv seminars please see at www.israeltanz.de/pagea39.html

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