2015 SORBA Huntsville Thursday Time Trial Series

 04 June
 Monte Sano State Park, Huntsville, Alabama 35801
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 Sorba Huntsville (Mountain Biking Club)
Welcome to the official event page for the 2015 Sorba Huntsville (Mountain Biking Club) Thursday Time Trial Series! The summer's most beloved cycling event is back for its 5th year with new and exciting additions! This year the series will be 8 weeks, 4 courses run twice, with an off week between the first 4 weeks and the second. The rules are simple, we take your better time on each course and at the end of the series, the least amount of time wins. If you miss a week, no problem, we run each course twice, hence the 4 courses and 8 weeks. If you miss a course completely, you will receive a default time of slowest time for your category plus 30 sec. This means whether you do one event or all 8 you will still be scored in the over all. The series will start on June 4th and end on July 30th. The off week will be July 2nd. New for 2015: Elite Category- You asked for it, you got it! The new Elite Category will have slightly longer and harder courses. This will be an open category that pits the top riders in battle for ultimate mountain biking supremacy! Are you an Elite??? Have you won a stone in the past? Ride multimillion dollar carbon mtb? Shave your legs? (too far?) Then you most likely are an elite. We won't force anyone into the elite category, but public humiliation is possible. Team Category: Teams will consist of 3-4 and the Team time will be the average time of the team riders. All other rules apply. Ex: if only two team members ride one particular night, then the 3rd team member will receive the default time which will then be avg. into the team time. Juniors: With the popularity of NICA, juniors will now be 17 & under. Slight category changes to allow for the additional categories. This was done based on numbers from last year. However, we the club reserve the right to modify based on registrations. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pre-register!!! Go here--> http://www.webscorer.com/register?raceid=40276 Just like last year, you must be a SORBA member to participate, so renew your memberships now at http://sorbahuntsville.org/join/. Download your waiver ahead of time and fill it out! (but not your bib number, please) http://sorbahuntsville.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/SORBA-EVENT_Release-Waiver-2015.pdf

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