2015 Portsmouth WNBR-As Bare As You Dare!

 23 May
 Park between Marine Court and Esplanade, Eastney
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 Ian Henden
https://www.facebook.com/events/781651378595398/ is the PRIME EVENTS PAGE for the FIFTH World Naked Bike Ride in Portsmouth... the page you are looking at now helps to inform last year's participants of the new destination! Please do not post on this page, but go to to https://www.facebook.com/events/781651378595398/ which is the current page. But read on if you wish.... http://www.demotix.com/news/1239160/portsmouth-world-naked-bike-ride-2012-takes-streets - just one of the very positive reviews recieved by our Rides since 2011! The date is the last Saturday before Portsmouth University closes for the summer... so let's see lots of students on this year's ride! In 2011, we had 28 1/2 riders - a good turnout in the face of local opposition! Our Second Ride attracted 78 or so (estimates vary!) and included FIVE Unicycles! The weather was brilliant, and the accompanying Police were BRILLIANT! Onlookers cheered and clapped, we were met in a general carnival atmosphere. This is a FUN RIDE with a SERIOUS MESSAGE - the world is not using its valuable fossil fuel resources wisely; alternative transport using non-fossil fuel (cycling) is seen as unsafe because of other vehicles which share the road space; and many just wish to celebrate freedom! So... just come - as BARE as you DARE!! It is worth noting that taking part in a WNBR event does offer an opportunity for individuals to raise funds through sponsorship for their own favourite Charitys - recent events in Southampton and Portsmouth have seen hundreds of pounds raised for CLIC, Breast Cancer, and a local disabled lass. But such fundraising is PERSONAL and up to YOU. Maps at http://www.portsmouthwnbr.org and click on the link saying "Where?" ! PLEASE NOTE: UNWANTED POSTINGS *WILL* BE DELETED!!!

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