2 Day Leadership and Personal Mastery Seminar

 05 June
 San Ildefonso Christian Church. Sapang Putol, San Ildefonso, Bulacan
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 Bright Lights Academy Philippines
This will be a 2 Day Leadership and Personal Mastery Seminar. Day 1: Personal Mastery Date: Friday June 5th Time: 9am - 5pm Q&A Forum 6pm-8pm Location: San Ildefonso Christian Church. Delivered by: Raymond Borja Gain Personal Mastery! Develop powerful personal techniques that will help you grow beyond your fears, procrastination, and regrets. Its our goal to have our participants develop a winning self image to master their lives. This intensive course will teach you how to: - dispel negative self talk - believe in yourself once and for all - develop attitudes that successful people have mastered - conquer your fears that keep you from living your true potential - let go of the past hurts that keeps you from moving forward - move beyond your limiting and personally confining beliefs - think positively about your life - become a limitless person where everything in life is a possibility This intensive course will include experiential exercises to embed the lessons into your subconscious as well as introspective questions that will bring to surface those fears that needs to be eliminated. By mastering your inner self you will be free to choose more positive thoughts that will help you create the outcomes you most desire. Bring comfortable clothing and bottled water. Notebooks and pens for taking notes will also be recommended. Day 2: Leadership Date: Saturday, June 6th Time: 9am - 5pm Q&A Forum 6pm-8pm Location: San Ildefonso Christian Church. Delivered by: Imelda Roda Leadership: Breakthroughs in performance In this program you will learn how to - Rewrite your future for success - Produce effective results in Leadership - Master the game of performance Cost to attend both days is 300 pesos. Proceeds to go to Bright Lights Academy.

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