Spirit Animal Productions Presents The 1st Annual San Francisco Sloth Festival

 16 September
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 Mark Stebbins
Spirit Animal Productions Presents The 1st Annual San Francisco Sloth Festival
UPDATE:8/3/16 Dear Sloth festival supporters I would like to 1st apologize for not getting back to you sooner as things were literally up in the air and I wanted to seek out other possible options to make this event happen in 2016 Unfortunately the investor I secured to fund the event changed the terms of the original agreement to a very greedy one and then insisted of having controlling ownership of the event . This threw me for a loop Please understand I cannot allow this to happen . Thus I have been seeking other potential canditates and looking at other options to reach the $160,000.00 budget and make this event happen in 2016 and the reality is if we can get the proper funding looks like it will be happening in 2017 But honestly What's the Rush ?.On the positive side we have made many positive relationships including one with the Rainforest Action Network Top Sloth Conservationists and many smaller sloth rescues here in the states . As well as many artists and musicians who want to perform at the event . We are also looking to put together a actual virtual reality interactive rainforest. A well known prop designer and other wonderful people want to build us a full blown giant Sloth Stage and We are all for it . Aside from the huge setback on the financial backing end this thing is oddly enough Slowly coming together.Maybe the huge lesson from the Universe is Why Rush ? In this high tech automated fast society we have become automated . Everyday I see idiots speeding down the freeway at 90 mph putting their lives and others at risk Everyone seems to be tuned into their latest Apple I phone .We live in a society that expects to have everything instantly like completely selfish entitled idiots!! Sadly enough this is the same type of behaivor that is killing Our Rainforest ,Sloth Habitat And Our Planet! People need to slow the fxxk down !!! I just watch in awe how people insist on being selfish by rushing .The Sloth has many great lessons we can all learn from This is why we are so determined to make this event happen .May the Sloth teach us PAITIENCE, Presence , Awareness ,Wisdom and Empower us. So that we stop our selfish behaivor and may impact others and our planet in a positive manor . Μαρίκα ΠρατλεΪ August 1 at 4:53pm · "You can never underestimate the healing power of the sloth! always reliable. Mindfulness and taking it easy, and trusting that things will be okay in their own time. Dont fall into the pressures that we have a time limit or a deadline - its the pitfall of capitalism to obsess over hyperproductivity and really easy to internalise these pressures. You are all doing great babes you dont need to worry about having a steady job or a mortgage or a marraige or university qualifications or writing a billion symphonies xx just believe in yourselves and the art will happen and it will be great. Time is relative and so is the artistic process xx" For those that have donated your ticket will be upgraded to Vip or if you wish we can refund your money .Also stay tuned to for our websites sfslothfestival.com and slothfestival.com Dear Sloth Festival Supporters- Sloth Lovers Unite And Spread the Sloth Love ! Join Us To Celebrate the Magnificient SLOTH! We have one of most exciting Slothtastic events the Bay Area has ever seen !Come witness the transformation of a 45000sf warehouse into a immersive interactive rain forest surrounding a giant sloth stage that will actually move . All music will be sloth themed or rain forest related with performers from all over the world . We will also have live theatrical performers on site performances by The Sloth Family Circus performing The Sloth Forest A Sacred Ceremony To Honor The Sloth .Our celebration would not be complete without Sam Trull Sloth Conservationist from The Sloth Institute In Costa Rica discussing her performing the worlds 1st sloth C section also her sloth adventures rescuing orphan sloths in the Costa Rican rain forest .This event supports the preservation and well being of the Sloth . Sloth Festival is a Educational Interactive Magical Wonderland that merges art installations music,dance and theater into a festival setting . Very simply We celebrate the sloth its traits its protection, also preservation of its rain forest environment. Attendees can experience it all .through music art and dance with a theatrical plot Faith and Patience=Magic Additional Attractions Include Educational Workshops On Sloths With Top Conservationists Rain Forest Meditation / Sloth Yoga Sessions The Worlds Largest Sloth Art Showcase! Reiki And Indigenous Healers Sloth Themed Vendors Live Sloth Art A Giant Sloth Ferris Wheel Budget permitting Dear Sloth Fest Supporters, First and foremost we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support, we’re blown away by the sheer multitude of sloth lovers in the Bay Area and points beyond! THANK YOU! ABSOLUTELY NO MARKETING OR LINKS WILL BE TOLERATED ON THIS PAGE WITHOUT PERMISSION !!!! Sincerely, The Sloths ==================================== Hello sloth friends! We are very pleased to announce San Francisco's inaugural Sloth Festival, Sloth by Sloth West! This event page is a great place to share your love of Sloth. Feel free to post your favorite pictures, memes and sloth stories. Stay tuned right here, we are jumping through burning hoops to bring you guys the world's premiere Sloth Festival! Dear PETA: NO SLOTHS WILL BE HURT OR KILLED AT THIS EVENT!!! We love sloths! =) #SlothFest #SlothBySlothWest

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