194th Street Store - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Hosted by Adler University

 27 May
 Hastings Urban Farm, 58 West Hastings Street, BC, V6B 1G4
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 The Street Store
We at Adler University are organizing our Fourth Annual Community Action Day (CAD) on May 27th, 2015. CAD is a community-based, one-day social movement, whereby the Adler community and diverse communities throughout metro Vancouver rally around social interests to co-lead actions aligned with wellness and social change. The CAD model brings together people of diverse experience to learn with, create with, and support one another through collaborative actions that address the needs of host communities or organizations and build upon their aspirations. On CAD we will be hosting our first ever Street Store at the Hastings Urban Farm. This allows individuals challenged by homelessness and low-to-no income to come shop for quality items, as well as pick their own quality food items at the Urban Farm, free of charge.

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