193rd Street Store - Miami, Florida , USA - Hosted by Camille Sauberer and Chapman Partnership

 17 May
 1550 North Miami Ave, Miami Fl, 33136
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 The Street Store
I am a student in college and a resident to Miami, FL for the 19 years I've been in this earth. I've been through tough times, as I'm sure everyone else has. Ive had the good fortune to not have been alone during these times and managed to get myself back on track. Unfortunately though, not everyone has this support and that's why I've collaborated with Chapman Partnership in order to make the street store possible for the first time in Miami. The Street Store is a pop up store that hangs up and lines up all clothes, from shoes to toys and other things. It's sorted from men, women and children clothing and into sizes where people can pick and choose for themselves. On Sunday May 17 from 10am - 1 pm you can pass by and drop off any items you have. Due to facility security reasons though it is not allowed to freely walk in. If you would like to hang up your items yourselves or even help out please email me at camillesauberer@yahoo.com so I can send you a quick form to fill out. Other donators must drop off their items at the front. Thank you! Everyone deserves a second chance and a helping hand.

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