170th anniversary of the founder of gerontology – Elie Metchnikoff – May 15

 15 May
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 Ilia Stambler
On May 15, 2015, there will be the 170th anniversary of Elie Metchnikoff, the Nobel laureate in medicine and the founder of gerontology (the author of the term ‘gerontology’ and arguably of the first truly scientific theory of aging as well as of several seminal geroprotective regimens, such as adjuvant immunotherapy and probiotic diets, and more). There is an international initiative to celebrate his Anniversary, not only to pay tribute to the founder of gerontology, but also to invoke Metchnikoff’s authority to raise interest in gerontology, especially biology of aging and longevity, which was his field. Currently events in honor of the Metchnikoff Day are being planned internationally by a variety of gerontological research and advocacy organizations, including high level national organizations. Events are being planned in Kiev, Ukraine, on behalf of the Kiev Institute of Gerontology of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences; St. Petersburg, Russia, on behalf of the Gerontological Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences and I.I. Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University; in Moscow, on behalf of the National Research Center for Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation and the Russian Longevity Alliance; Larnaca, Cyprus, on behalf of the ELPIs Foundation and the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute; Oxford, UK, on behalf of the Oxford University Scientific Society and Biogerontology Research Foundation; in Ramat Gan, Israel, on behalf of the Israeli Longevity Alliance and the International Society on Aging and Disease (Israel). It may be hoped that, following these examples, more events and publications will be held around the world in honor of this day. Thus thanks to Metchnikoff’s continuing inspiration and authority, the interest in aging and longevity research may be increased in all the walks and segments of society. Please see the complete press release regarding this day, including the description of the critical significance of Metchnikoff for the formation of global aging and longevity research, whose topical relevance may be still felt today. http://www.longevityforall.org/may-15-2015-170th-anniversary-of-elie-metchnikoff-the-founder-of-gerontology/

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