30 May
 Paleis Soestdijk
 Amsterdamsestraatweg 1 - 3744 AA - Baarn - Netherlands
Tickets at WWW.OFFTHERECORDFESTIVAL.COM LINE UP 12inchCity invites Elrow Music • Technasia (FR) • Subb-an (UK) • Marc Maya (ES) • Benny Rodrigues • Joey Daniel • Monique Pascall ICI SANS MERCI invites • wAFF (UK) • Luna City Express (DE) • Ici Sans Merci NL • Michel de Hey (official) • Warren Fellow • Odd Parents (ES) Kaleidoscope • Lexer (DE) • De Sluwe Vos • Olivier Weiter • Wouter S. • Piotr & Zhan ★★★★★ Mailing list tickets OFF THE RECORD ★★★★★ (SOLD OUT) Mailing list OTR “Hoax” Tickets of (1st step) € 29,50 (SOLD OUT) Mailing list OTR “Wag the Dog” Tickets of (2nd step) € 34,- (SOLD OUT) ★★★★★ Regular Tickets OFF THE RECORD ★★★★★ Regular “Swept under the Rug” tickets (3rd step) € 35,- Late “Cover up” tickets (4th step) € 39,- All tickets at www.offtherecordfestival.com ✪ The enormous white wall of Soestdijk palace was the fence between the common world and the secluded royal garden with its secrets where Bernhard van Lippe- Biesterfeld and (1911-2004) and Juliana van Oranje-Nassau (1909-2004) lived for almost 70 years. Many aristocrats, emperors, prime ministers and the most wealthy people on earth were invited to their palace where they enjoyed the high teas, indulging banquets and over the top cocktail parties. Until 2004, when the great Bernhard van Lippe- Biesterfeld died… A decade later it was 12inchCity as first organization in the world to enter a royal palace with a festival. And this year 2015, on Saturday May 30, the festivity continues at an exclusive limited edition of OFF THE RECORD. One day. One story. One common sense. What ever happens at the Royal Estate stays at the Royal Estate….

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