10th Annual TFF White Bass Tourney On Lake Ray Hubbard

 30 May
  - - Dallas - United States
 John Varner
10th Annual Texas Fishing Forum White Bass Tourney On Lake Ray Hubbard This is my 10th time running this tournament . We make it as fun as possible for all ages.We are also raising money for the RHSA We are a 501(c)(7) non profit organization to help the supplement stocking of hybrid/striped bass in Lake Ray Hubbard. In 2013 the RHSA raised over $10,000.00 dollars and stocked 45 Thousand hybrids fingerlings in Lake Ray Hubbard . Since that time with donations , fund raising and the TFF White Bass tourney we are currently at $7,000.00 and last years tourney with auction and donations raised $4,400.00 :) Here are the rules, date and time. Please remember that this is a family fun tournament. If you are a hard core tournament fisherman this might not be the tournament for you. I like to do the whitebass tourneys because it gives everybody an equal chance. I will run this the best I can. I am not a professional tournament organizer. Please bring the kids if you have any. The cost is per boat, not person. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here, PM me or e-mail me. I have the right if I have made an error on this post to correct it .If weather is going to be bad then I will cancel as soon as possible. YOU are responsible for your fish! They do not have to be kept alive for weight in but they are YOUR fish, so when we are done find somebody to donate them too or take them with you…. DO NOT LEAVE THEM THERE. May 30, 2015 (SAT) 50 % payout( the remaining will be 50% first, 30% second and 20% third) This is a fund raising tournament for Ray Hubbard Sportsmen Association and the other 50% will go to the organization to help supplement the stocking of hybrids on Lake Ray Hubbard . This is not a big money tourney and 2 years ago we did the price per person. We did not have near as many “families” participate so I have changed the format to the way I use to do them. I would rather have families involved with children and wives as it seems to be more of what I think it should be about. We will not raise the same amount of money but I feel family and fellowship is more important than money. I would also like to do a get together after the tourney and maybe have some food. I will talk with the other members to see what we can do. Sorry I am so late this year. I am also working on some sponsors for an auction after the tourney to raise more money for organization. $60.00 a boat 10 fish weigh-in $5.00 1 big fish pot per boat ( WHITEBASS ONLY, 80 % payout 20% to RHSA , you are responsible to keep up with who caught the big fish ) Safelight till weigh-in at 11:00 am You can Trailer boat after you register and boat check or if your boat is in a marina come over and we will do a boat check on the water. The weigh in will be held at HARBOR BAY MARINA on Lake Ray Hubbard. There is a $20.00 launch fee if you chose to launch there ( sorry , not my call on price of launch). If you do not launch there you must still register at that location but you will not be required to pay the $20.00 dollar fee. I will check with the marina and see if we can get a discount for that day

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