10,000 Blades, The Amphibous Man, Ava Marie, Laundry Day, Mike Kusek

 16 May
 Just use "Casa de Carrot (858 Edgewood Ave New Haven)"...
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 Michael Kusek
We are so barbecuing, so bring things to cook and share and stuff 10,000 Blades- Throwing up in diner bathrooms and fear driven Bon Jovi a cappella nightmares. https://10000blades.bandcamp.com/ The Amphibious Man- makes you want to push your scum friends. https://theamphibiousman.bandcamp.com/ Ava Marie- sometimes loud, often soft, films their friends in bathtubs. https://avamariefolk.bandcamp.com/ Laundry Day- "doesn't that dude work at the coffee shop? He's super nice." https://laundryday.bandcamp.com/releases Mike Kusek- likes all the bands listed above, but can't really say that about 10,000 Blades because he plays for them. https://mikekusek.bandcamp.com/album/calling-shorts 5 bucks for the touring band(s) respect the space they have a wonderful cat be friendly to the cat

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