1000 Yards to Gold Beach

 30 May
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 AHS Aloha High School
Fundraiser For AHS Football Camp at Gold Beach Football players will do your yard work for a donation. The camp is a 5 day, intensive, full contact football camp attended by 9-12 football teams from around the country in June each year. The players are introduced to fierce and continual competition ranging from tire flipping and obstacle course contests to scrimmages and full length regulation games amongst some of the finest schools around. The camp not only offers an opportunity for players to increase their skill and learn new techniques, but more importantly, to learn to play as a team with the honor and respect of a championship program. This camp is consistently rated as the #1 memory of graduating seniors and is viewed as a pivotal experience in a players’ high school athletic career. To ensure that all players have the opportunity to attend football camp we conduct a very large scale fundraiser called “1000 Yards”. We believe strongly in the “team” approach so all Aloha Warrior Football players attend the Football Camp; from freshman through seniors. Background 1000 yards started as one man’s idea. Knowing that we needed to fund the camp somehow, that our community isn’t wealthy and that the resources we have available are unique: the players - big strong football players – discussions started about how we could best partner these. We knew we didn’t want to beg for money or sell candy bars, but wanted to do something that was valuable to our community. From this the idea was born….. “1000 Yards ”. We go out into the Aloha community to conduct yard work, haul away yard waste or haul unwanted items to the dump. This is known as the “work day”. We don’t set prices for the work; but only ask that the homeowner donate what they feel is reasonable and fair for the work performed. What is so special and unique about 1000 Yards is that it’s the players who perform the work; they earn the funding for their camp and football experience. They also meet the people in our community who so loudly and enthusiastically cheer them on every Friday Night. This year will be the 7th Annual 1000 Yards and it has become much, much more than a fundraiser….it’s also a way to say “thank you Aloha!” 1000 Yards fundraiser includes two fundraising efforts; a can/bottle drive and a work day. The players perform yard work, painting, hauling, removal of fences, heavy lifting, etc. in the Aloha community for donations. Both the can/bottle drive and the work day occur on a Saturday. We’ve chosen this type of fundraiser over others as it holds true to the values of the Aloha Warriors by: 1) Providing a benefit to the community 2) Requires participation from the players 3) Exposes the players to the community members that support and cheer them on 4) Takes togetherness, attitude, perseverance and effort

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