100 Watt Horse+Casual Boyfriend+Being A Living Thing+Sixth Grade

 27 May
 232 SW Ankeny St - 97204 - Portland - United States
 Amit Gordon
100 WATT HORSE (ATL>OLY) https://the100watthorse.bandcamp.com] After gracing us with beautiful sounds last summer at Habesha, musical mastermind George P. is moving across the country and stopping by to play us songs from his upcoming brand new album! CASUAL BOYFRIEND Spooky dream jams, like if Sunset Rubdown and Grizzly Bear had a psychic baby. BEING A LIVING THING https://beingalivingthing.bandcamp.com/album/lost-trail Portland's #1 purveyors of schnoo-gaze. SIXTH GRADE The one act on this bill guaranteed to reduce you to tears. 21+ Free (donations for touring band greatly appreciated) 9pm

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