100 Million Views to Mars

 01 June
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 The Echelon Empire
"100 MILLION VIEWS TO MARS" This project it's all about the dedication and devotion we feel towards Thirty Seconds to Mars and a way for us, The Echelon, to show MARS how grateful we are for everything they do! The whole purpose of this project is to help Thirty Seconds to Mars win a Certificate Award given by VEVO. This Certificate is given every time a song on VEVO, by an artist or band, reaches 100 Million views on youtube! And in order for that to happen we only have to watch videos from Thirty Seconds to Mars (with the VEVO logo) over and over for them to reach 100 MILLION VIEWS! That's it! Pretty easy, right? We think it's time, and we're sure you do too, for Thirty Seconds to Mars to receive this award and we all know they deserve it so let's all participate in this project. If you join this event you are committing to AT LEAST watch CLOSER TO THE EDGE ONCE A DAY. Of course that the more you watch the video the more quickly it reach 100 million views, so it's your call the number of times you watch it. So you are probably wondering why CLOSER TO THE EDGE and not some other equaly amazing Mars video? Well the only reason is because CTTE is almost with 50 million views so it's already halfway to our goal ;). Recently we added the DO OR DIE video for this project! WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU, ECHELON!! WATCH CTTE AND SHARE THIS EVENT ALL OVER THE PLACE! Copy & Past CTTE - http://youtu.be/mLqHDhF-O28 Copy & Past DOD - http://youtu.be/GC63HGcsfEg WE ARE THE ECHELON

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