10 Year Reunion At Beaver Weekend

 05 June
 Massawepie Scout Camps
 65 Massawepie Rd - 12922 - Tupper Lake - United States
 Richard Byers
Peter Collinge has asked me to help him get the word out about the Beaver Weekend this year. I have a list from the 2005 camp staff and Peter was thinking it would be fun to do a sort of ten year reunion (nothing real official) most likely just a few story's at our favorite outpost, you know... the one with moose horns. Bridget and I will be going this year and I really look forward to seeing everyone and helping get Massawepie ready for another summer full of scouts and staff. Also I'm pretty sure Peter is gonna try and suck us all into Alumni, I think they are hoping to get some members that don't qualify for a senior discount at Wegmans. Go Bills! Feel free to invite others from camp staff to come and help out, they don't HAVE to be from 2005 staff. Ben and Christie can use all the help they can get this weekend. Keep in mind it is a WORK WEEKEND, if you plan on coming up plan on working hard, and playing hard.

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