10 days AYAHUASCA Self-Discovery RETREAT (May 22 - June 1 2015) with Shaman Percy Garcia Lozano and Therapist Giuseppe Rosato (MA, YT, EAT)

 22 May
 Centro DAS, Iquitos, Peru
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 Giuseppe Rosato
This is going to be a full immersion 10 days ayahuasca retreat lead by Shaman Percy and therapist Giuseppe Rosato (MA, YT, EAT). In this retreat you will be able to work with your own life themes, issues, obstacles, aims, purposes and much more. This retreat is Person Centered, which means Percy and myself are here to assist you through the use of ancestral and contemporary medicine and disciplines to discover your true Self and most important to be able to retain or integrate your discoveries into your everyday life (back home). While Percy (and the Shipibo women) will be guiding you through the threshold of a new life with his profound experience as a master of ayahuasca ceremony and medicine plants (curandero and hierbero), Giuseppe the facilitator (yoga therapist and Expressive Arts therapist) will guide you to in-depth integration work done with Yoga, Meditation and the Creative arts (journaling, drawing, movement and much more). For Full Info Pack pls contact giuseppe.rosato@gmail.com or visit http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/from-us-1550-10-days-ayahuasca-self-discovery-retreat-may-22-june-1-2015-with-giuseppe-rosato-and-tickets-15063202444 Wishing you all Love, Harmony and Prosperity. Giuseppe Rosato

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