world eventer brings you all the events worldwide!

About Worldeventer

Worldeventer is a website publishing a variety of events from around the world. The range of events published on Worldeventer can be anything from artistic, social, cultural events to sportive, spiritual events as well as individual parties. The aim is to let the users to get the word of events in their vicinity. In short, we spread the word all over the world.

How to Get Your Event Published On Worldeventer?

Worldeventer content is based on public facebook events. So, in order to get an event published on Worldeventer, the event organizer/owner should first create an event on facebook. We certainly do not guarantee that every event created on facebook will be published. But generally speaking, an event created on facebook should soon appear on Worldeventer. Please note that we only publish public events; if your facebook event is set to private it will certainly not be published on Worldeventer. To get your event published on Worldeventer, you should set your event setting to public. On the other hand, please keep in mind that any piece of information on a public event is expressly opened to worldwide internet circulation.

Removing an Event From Worldeventer

Eventing world is a rather dynamic one. Rapid changes and even cancellations are part of the daily routine. For the time being, we are not able to handle the event updates. But we can surely and relatively quickly remove your event from our website. To get your event removed from Worldeventer, first of all remove/delete your event from facebook. Then contact us with the URL/link of the event (on Worldeventer) that you want to be removed from Worldeventer. Upon the receipt of your removal request, we will remove your event from Worldeventer right away.

Other Inquiries and General Communication

Please keep in mind that we as Worldeventer do not organize any events, but rather, we publicize the events. So any inquiries about the content of the event should not come to us, but go to the event organizer/owner. On the top of every event page you will find all the necessary contact details of an event, with sometimes event description text also including extra contact details. Please use those contact details to contact event organizer/owner. Also, please do not send us any press releases as we have no mechanism of using them.